How To Find Owner Of A Car In India

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By determining the VIN number, our vehicle experts and mechanics can find out the same for you as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions or problems with the registration data of the vehicles, you must visit the RTO to rectify them. If you are approached by the RTA or the car originally registered with an RTRO (Regional Transport Authority), you can contact them directly. To obtain a detailed certificate of the used car, the user must opt for online vehicle registration by entering a vehicle number plate and forgetting it. Next, they can see the number plates and receive a vehicle history report by indicating the number plates. However, if you have a question or problem with the registration data of your car, you can obtain a NOC (objection certificate) via our online registration portal.

Most state-run road transport websites offer the possibility to verify the name and other details of the vehicle owner by means of the registration number and chassis number. The most authentic way to check the registration data of a vehicle is to look at the history of vehicle information from the RTO. You can check how old your vehicle is, check the number of resale cases and see if it is on the blacklist or check the accident history free of charge.

If you are interested in selling your car, you can check whether the VIN test report provided is reasonable. You can check whether your vehicle has been registered as a salvage vehicle by the NICB or a member insurance company.

These authorities use the data released to find out the name and other details of the vehicle owner, as well as contact details such as the driver’s license, license plate and insurance number.

You need to understand how to find the name and address of the owner from the registration plate of the vehicle. A quick glance at the license plate will give you all the information you need to know the details of the car owner. If you know the name, address and insurance number of your car, as well as a lot of information about your vehicle, you can find the names and addresses of the owners. Since you have the numbers of all your cars, you can go to the nearest police station, report it and find out the name and address of the owner of each car.

Get the details of the challenger issued to the driver with his RC licence and check the registration with the relevant authorities for the number of chassis numbers in India. Each vehicle is assigned an exclusive identification number, which is identical to the name, address, insurance number, vehicle registration number, etc. Enter your vehicle number to get all the ownership data about the vehicles, including the names of the owners. By entering the number plates you will get a list of dozens of vehicles with registration details, including their number plates and insurance numbers.

If you have the number of the car and want to know the fuel economy of your car (i.e. find information about fuel), you can do so. If you had a car with this number and you wanted to know the type of engine (diesel or petrol) and the type of fuel (petrol or diesel) when you registered it, it can also be run on diesel and petrol. Offers certified used cars at the best prices through Easy Finance and RC Transfer. In Delhi NCR, Spinny has fully inspected used cars from leading brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and more. You can also hand-in-car deals that are for sale by the owner or buy best-used cars online in India.

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To make it easier for citizens to find the data requested by RTO for vehicle information online, the Centre has offered an option to check vehicle registration data via SMS. But now, this SMS-based service has been replaced by an online portal called Parivahan, where you can check the details of the car owner’s vehicle. This will give you information about the type of vehicle registered in India and the registration plate number of your car. According to the database used by the Indian government, you can get the registration numbers of all cars.

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