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Around a decade ago, you would be restricted to a few options if you had a budget of 6-10 Lakhs to spend on a new vehicle. Today, however, there has been tremendous growth in the car industry with the cheapest SUV in India under 6 lakhs. You have plenty of car options to purchase even in that small price bracket. The options available are so numerous that choosing the right one is very cumbersome.

Here is a list of the cheapest SUVs in India below 5 Lakhs That you can buy in India to tackle this mystery. The cars listed here cover several segments so that you can select according to your preferences and usages. Let’s start with our list of the best cars in India for fewer than 6 lakhs without any further delay. There are currently 16 SUV cars under 10 lakh in India for sale at Rs 5 Lakh starting price.

You can pick the cheapest SUV in India under 10 Lakhs appropriate car model from the following list to learn more about the latest prices and offerings of your SUV in town, specs, photos, miles, reviews, and more. Let us have a look at the best SUV under 10 lakhs in India 2020.

What are SUVs?

SUVs or sports utility vehicles are heavy-duty vehicles that have a seating arrangement for more than six people. These vehicles were previously used by people who worked out of their vehicles or had transportation businesses or as a family car for big families. Now it is owned by several people because of the unique designs produced by the companies and due to lower affordable prices. Some of the affordable SUVs are listed below.

1. Hyundai Creta

 Hyundai Creta has an update with a sharp, elegant theme. Hyundai Creta has a mature shape of brand ‘Fluidic’ style, which is mostly liked by all. At the same time, the Hyundai Creta provides space for 5 passengers. The Hyundai SUV also has no security compromise. The Hyundai Creta was the top-sales SUV in India in the past few months, owing to all these factors.

In February 2020, Hyundai launched the most popular SUV facelift model, the Crete. The new Hyundai Creta is completely updated in style, with many new features. The Hyundai Creta has the new design language of the company and the large cascading grille, beginning from the front. A new pair of LED headlamp modules flank both sides of the grille. The latest Crete LED DRLs encircle the headlights in a c-format. The front bumper was redesigned and has a central intake of air at both ends with the fog lamps.

This is one of the cheapest SUVs in India in 2020. The recent design changes are also expressed by side and rear profiles. The lateral profile has a new especially C-pillar design. The new Creta that looks trendier than ever, has also been redesigned by Hyundai. The rear profile has C-shaped rear lights close to the front lights of the SUV. A spoiler wit is also included in the new Hyundai Creta and the price of which ranges from ₹9.82 – 17.33 Lakh

2. Kia Sonet

 The Kia Sonet can be ordered in 23 models and seven colors. The Kia Sonet price ranges from ₹6.72 – 12.99 Lakh. The amazing experience of Kia Sonet allows you to compare the SUV against its competitors. In the Indian market, Kia Sonet is the third car manufacturer in South Korea. Sonet is placed in the Indian market in the competitive SUV sub-4-meter segment and below Seltos in the product range of the brand.

The Kia Sonet features a highly audacious and sporting design, with plenty of aggressive style features that make its segment attractive. The Kia Sonet is supplied from the front with the “tiger-nose” grille of the brand, with a black mesh and red inserts. You will get a knurl-finished chromium strip encircling the grille itself, adding character to the Kia Sonet. The grid is further flanked by “Crown-Jewel” LED projection headlights, which also act as turn indicators, with integrated LED DRLs.

On either end of the front bumper, there are fog lamps, while there are also silver elements and red highlights on the central air dam. Kia Sonet continues to have the same sporty look on its side and rear profile. The SUV’s side profile is stylized.

3. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

 This Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza comes in 9 variations and 5 colors. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is also available on-road and EMI. The price range of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza varied from ₹7.34 – 11.41 Lakh. A distinctive front chrome grille, printed by well-built headlamp units with projectors, is provided for the Maruti Vitara Brezza. There are corner components of the front bumper and a wide wave grill.

The base also features a silver plate that gives the Maruti Brezza a rough look. The Vitara Brezza has the cheapest 7 seater SUV in India and has a side profile that shows a floating ceiling. The Brezza comes in double-ton paints that offer a black or white finish to the roof. The Maruti Brezza is running on neat 16-inch 5-speed alloy wheels and it is also well visible on the ground.

The Vitara Brezza has a rear spoiler to make the compact SUV sportier. At the middle of the tailgate, the word ‘BREZZA’ is embossed in the chrome garnish. The tail lamps have an LED feature in higher variants. The back of the bumper is also made of a silver skid plate. The interior is made of a black theme and some silver garnishes in the Maruti Vitara Brezza.

4. Kia Seltos

 The Kia Seltos is offered in 24 different models and 12 colors. Back in August 2019, Kia Seltos started in India. The Seltos, the first Korean car manufacturer in the world, has a very competitive SUV market. In addition to a host of facilities and appliances, Kia Seltos provides a completely new design and makes it a very enticing deal in the segment.

With a very sharp and active style, the Kia Seltos SUV offers a sporty look. There is a black-out mesh grill at the front of the Seltos, with two LED headlamps flanked on one side and the other. The headlights on the Seltos are also fitted with LED DRLs that extend further across the front grid. The turning indicators are also LEDs mounted underneath the headlights.

Further down, there are LED fog lamps on either end of the front bumper of the Seltos, while the middle is occupied by a large air intake. This is one of the best 7 seater SUV cars in India and has clean sharp shoulder lines and plump panels running along the length of the Kia Seltos from its side. The Seltos price ranges from ₹9.89 – 17.54 Lakh in India.

5. Hyundai Venue

The Hyundai Venue comes in 19 models and seven colors. More specifics such as pricing, specification, and mileage are provided in the Hyundai Location. The Hyundai Venue on the road and EMI are also open. Further, compare the SUV with its rivals with our thorough analysis of the Hyundai venue. The newest entrant of the sub-4 meters SUV is the Hyundai Site.

Hyundai’s new design language is followed by the venue, which features the iconic hexagonal grille. The venue also has dual headlights with a stylish light strip on top of the turns and the leading headlights with the built-in LED DRLs at the bottom. Also available at the Hyundai Venue is a sleek head bumper with central air intakes and fog lamps on both sides, both surrounded by silver accents. The price range of this car is from ₹6.76 – 11.66 Lakh. Often, below the air intake is the front buffer.

Hyundai moved to its side and kept the Venue clean and subtle in its architecture and shoulder. It also comes with flared wheel arches that cover 16-inch alloy wheels that are cut from diamonds and add to the sporty and muscular character of the hand. The Hyundai Venue’s back profile has elegant square LED taillights and a slot in the middle of the boot lid. 

6. Tata Nexon

The Tata Nexon can be ordered in 36 versions and 6 colors. Further specifics like costs, specifications, and miles are available in Tata Nexon. The Tata Nexon on-road prices and EMI are also available. Further, compare the SUV to its rivals with a comprehensive Tata Nexon comparison. In the compact SUV sector of the Indian market, Tata Nexon is famous. Recently, the SUV has been refreshed a lot, which makes it look more sporty and new.

The Tata Nexon is now refreshed to the current brand design language ‘Effect 2.0’ from the front. This involves an improved collection of headlamps, which are much sleeker than previously. Tata raised and flattened the cap and made the grill more upright. The headlights are also fitted with integrated LED DRLs while the buffer has a pair of nebulae.

A wide center air intake with a skid plate on the bottom and other trendy elements also come in the central part of the front bumper. This car has a price range from ₹7.00 – 12.70 Lakh. However, the side and back profile of the SUV remain relatively comparable to the previous iteration.

7. Toyota Fortuner

 A massive SUV, the Toyota Fortuner is one of the most common in the field. It has a massive presence on the road, particularly because of its large scale. The Toyota Fortuner features large quantities of chrome, starting with the front design. It includes the front grille with the central “Toyota” emblem and three horizontal laths.

The headlamp clusters on both sides of the grid are very elegant for such a big SUV. HID projection units with integrated LED DRLs and signal turning indicators are provided for the main headlamp cluster. Down below, there are thick chrome lamps in the front of the bomber. The SUV is equipped with wide wheel arches and 18-inch alloy wheels in the top speed models, shifting to all sides and rear profiles of the Toyota Fortuner. You can very easily get the best SUV in India for under 15 lakhs. The sides are also fitted with chrome door handles, a thin chrome strip around windows, and silver roof rails and price ranges from 8-9.5 lakhs.

8. Mahindra Bolero

 The Mahindra Bolero is an SUV workhorse on the Indian market offered by the Mahindra brand. It comes with a 1.5-liter diesel engine compliant to BS6, mHawk75. The 75bhp manufacturer produces a maximum torque of between 3,600rpm and 210Nm and a regular 5-speed gearbox of 1,600 – 2,200 rpm. The price ranges from 8.02 – 9.04 Lakhs.


The SUVs listed above are the best in the market. If you are looking for a vehicle for your family or long road trips then nothing can beat the quality and capacity of an SUV. Get yourself an SUV you find to be the best for your family and start traveling immediately. Let us know about your experience and the SUV you chose in the comments.


Which is the most affordable SUV?

Before purchase, test drive Hyundai Venue is the most affordable SUV. High strength steel frame, great interior quality, strong body roll suspension, the best features, the refined low noise diesel engine makes it better than Ecosport, Brezza, and Nexon.

Which SUV is best to buy in India?

Some of India’s top SUVs are Hyundai Creta, Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon, Kia Seltos, and Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, based on fuel efficiency and price.

Which is the No 1 SUV in India?

In India, numerous automakers are offering large boot volumes and hence we have completed five SUVs offering large boot capacities. The number 1 SUV is Hyundai Creta for Rs. 9.81-17.31 lakhs.

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