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Cheapest Sports Car in India

Just imagine that you are casually striding on the road a sports car races past you. Wouldn’t it be a thrilling experience? You do not see sports car on Indian roads every now and therefore you have to depend on your TV to catch a glimpse of the same.
Every youngster who are excited about cars would certainly love to own a sports car some day. However, the actual sports car that you get to see on TV are very expensive. However, these cars are equipped with various features that makes it look eye-catching and exciting to drive as well. Driving a sports car is a matter of skill and adventure. Not everyone can handle it. Every other sports cars works differently on the road when compared with any other normal car. This is what makes sports car pretty unique.
We shall have a look at some of the best and cheapest sports car in India 2020 in addition to discussing about various sports car in India under 20 lakhs.
Ford Mustang
This is an epitome of grace and power as it can race through any smooth road in India from 0 to 100 KMPH within 4.7 seconds. It has a powerful 5 litre V8 engine installed which makes it all the more exquisite in performance as well as its looks.
Engine Capacity: 4951 CC
Mileage: 13 km/litre
Runs on: Petrol
Price: Rs. 74.62 lakhs onwards

Lamborghini Huracan
The Lamborgini Huracan has an aerodynamic look that makes it swift past through various competitors in the market. This car comes in seven variants in India and can attain a top speed of 325 KMPH.
Engine Capacity: 5204 CC
Mileage: 10.6 km/litre
Runs on: Petrol
Price: Rs. 3.22 crore onwards

Porsche 911
Driving any Porsche car is a dream for any person. The main features of this car includes its dynamic cornering that can mesmerize anyone. It even comes with a driver assist system that makes this car one of the most high end ones in the market.
Engine Capacity: 2981 CC
Mileage: 8.9 km/litre
Runs on: Petrol
Price: Rs. 1.74 crore onwards

Audi R8
When you are comparing other sports car in the list, Audi R8 is relatively easy to spot since this car has a sedan look and can be driven on a daily basis. Due to its upscale interiors, it is one of the most luxurious cars in India.
Engine Capacity: 5204 CC
Mileage: 6.71 km/litre
Runs on: Petrol
Price: Rs. 2.72 crore onwards

Jaguar F-Type
This unique sports car is available both as a coupe and as a convertible in the Indian markets. It can touch a top speed of 300 kmph with the convertible opened to feel the gushing win in your hair while driving this beast.
Engine Capacity: 1997 CC
Mileage: 15.3 km/litre
Runs on: Petrol
Price: Rs. 90.90 lakhs onwards

Ferrari 458 Speciale
This model from Ferrari is a unique model due to the facts that it has an aerodynamic body, sporty interiors as well as a F1 style cockpit. It has a top speed reaching capability of 325 kmph with the ability to go from 0 to 100 kmph within 3.4 seconds.
Engine Capacity: 4497 CC
Mileage: 9.0 km/litre
Run on: Petrol
Price: Rs. 4.25 crores onwards

Mercedes Benz AMG GT
This is an extremely light sports car with a powerful V8 engine installed that makes it a scorcher in racetracks. Its powerful engine would surely give a tough competition to the other manufacturers’ owing to the fact that it comes at a pretty decent price for a car that is so powerful.
Engine Capacity: 3982 CC
Mileage: 7.8 km/litre
Run on: Petrol
Price: Rs. 2.16 crore onwards

Nissan GTR
This is one of the safest sports car in India. It delivers an unmatched performance in every aspect when compared against the other cars in the market. It can deliver a maximum speed of up to 315 kmph and can go from 0 to 100 kmph in 3 seconds.
Engine Capacity: 3799 CC
Mileage: 9 km/litre
Runs on : Petrol
Price: Rs. 2.12 crore onwards

All of the above sports cars are within an amount Rs. 1 Crore and exceeding. But for an average person it is nearly impossible to purchase a sports car for this amount. Therefore, to make our article reach out to the average people, we are also going to cover some of the best sports car in India under 20 lakhs amount so that people can fulfill their dreams without the need to spend loads of money and also purchase a good looking and decent performing car to satiate the dreams of the person.
The top cheapest sports car in India 2020 have been mentioned below in the list through which you can go through and eventually be satisfied with your purchase.
Tata Harrier
Ex-Showroom Price: ₹13.8 lakhs – ₹20 lakhs
Seating capacity: 5
Fuel economy: 15-16 km/l combined
Dimensions: 4,598 mm L x 1,894 mm W x 1,706 mm H
Curb weight: 1,650 to 1,675 kg
Cargo volume: 425 L

Hyundai Creta
Ex-Showroom Price: ₹9.82 lakhs – ₹17.3 lakhs
Fuel economy: 17-21 km/l combined
Dimensions: 4,300 mm L x 1,790 mm W x 1,620-1,635 mm H
Fuel tank capacity: 50 L
Cargo volume: 433 L

Jeep Compass
Price: Rs. 16.49- Rs. 24.99 lakhs
Fuel economy: 15 km/l combined
Dimensions: 4,395-4,398 mm L x 1,818 mm W x 1,640-1,657 mm H
Cargo volume: 438 L
Curb weight: 1,514 to 1,770 kg
Engine: 1.4 L 4-cylinder, 2.0 L 4-cylinder diesel

Mahindra XUV500
Ex-Showroom Price: ₹13.5 lakhs – ₹19.6 lakhs
Seating capacity: 7
Fuel economy: 15 km/l combined
Fuel tank capacity: 70 L
Dimensions: 4,585 mm L x 1,890 mm W x 1,785 mm H

Ford EcoSport
Ex-Showroom Price: ₹8.19 lakhs – ₹11.7 lakhs
Fuel economy: 15-22 km/l combined
Dimensions: 3,998 mm L x 1,765 mm W x 1,647 mm H
Curb weight: 1,188 to 1,309 kg
Engine: 1.5 L 3-cylinder, 1.5 L 4-cylinder diesel

Which is the most expensive sports car in India?
The Bugatti Chiron is the most expensive super car in India.
Which is the cheapest sports car in India below 10 lakhs?
The Ford EcoSport is the cheapest sports car in India below 10 lakhs.
Is Bugatti available in India?
Yes, Buggati is available in India with its cheapest model being Bugatti Chiron priced at Rs. 19.21 crores onwards.

So here we have provided you with some of the best sports car in India under 20 lakhs. The sports cars within the price range of 1 crore are also mentioned. It is now up to you that which car you want to purchase since the total outcome of your purchase would certainly be on the budget and your capability to purchase a car. However, to fulfill your dream you should surely go for buying the sports car of your dream and satisfy yourself!

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