How To Open An Electric Car Charging Station In India

Some of Europe’s largest engineering companies have given their employees access to charging stations in their offices in India. The charging stations can also support other electric vehicles, be they rickshaws, two-wheelers or buses. If required, the company will provide you with an electric car with its own charging station and a battery pack for … Read more

How To Start A Car

I wrote a post about troubleshooting cranks and discussed a frequently asked question: How do I start a car with a bad starter and automatic transmission? The boost is a common method of starting a vehicle that has a discharged or empty battery. In this article I will discuss how to start your car without … Read more

Where To Stick Fastag Sticker In Car

A fasting day is a device that is attached to the windscreen of a vehicle and uses Radio Frequency Identification (PFID) technology. It uses radio frequency identification technology to link radio frequencies with the vehicle’s registration details. The device is attached to the windscreen of your vehicle and is provided with the registration plate, registration … Read more

Best car insurance company in India

Before you start searching for the best car insurance company in India, and the best insurance company, assess your needs and know the type of policy you want. That’s the basic.In India, there are two types of car insurance policies that we come across – Third-party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance. Third-party insurance is a mandatory requirement … Read more