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Know about car interior accessories

The demand for car interior accessories is rising nowadays. The famous car interior accessories include Gear Lock, Seat Covers, and Mud Flaps. Modern age cars come with standard basics and free accessories with car which are available in more than 95 percent of the cars sold in India like AC with radiator, power steering, front power window, ABS, EBD, and airbag. You should know all about useful accessories to further boost your car’s safety and make it more appealing. Below is the list of some essential car accessories in India that one must-have.

  1. Seats and floor mattresses

Cleanliness should be well maintained in cars. The inside of your car should be hygienic enough to where you spend the most time on your car. Many cars currently feature seat coverings and floor tiles, which are features that the dealers sell as necessary in terms of variants or accessories. But these accessories much of the time do not meet the requirements you want.  This is one of the must-have car accessories in India 2020.

  • Mobile Charger and Car Mobile Mount

If your car is not fitted with live Android Auto navigation then you can get a mobile charger and car mobile mounts fitted on your front mirror. Don’t forget the nice mobile charger with Car Mobile Mount while using it for Google Maps Navigation to mount your mobile phone for easy traveling.

  • GPS navigators

People usually forget the routes of important places and nowadays having a GPS browser is far more than a luxury item for people who find it difficult to remember the longways. By the time you’re finished with your office, your cell phone gives up or is always about to do this, smartphones’ computing power cannot hold them up to the ceiling and batteries. You would not be able to use your cell phone navigation if you were to reach an unfamiliar location then. Furthermore, because the cell phone companies in India have unrestricted mobile internet packs on the phone with Google Maps, etc may prove to be an expensive affair. You want to have a GPS navigator in your car occasionally like these. In comparison, the GPS navigator directly links to satellites and is linked at all times, as your phone can lose its connection. This makes them a powerful and indirect way for easy traveling.

4.    Cabin AC Pollen Filter

The majority and even some cars are offered without the AC Pollen Filter.  These are Essential car accessories for a new car. As a Car Cabin, AC Filter traps in pollen waste, bacteria, and emission gasses, and increase the long term performance and refrigeration of the Car AC System. Ideally, this is an important accessory of the car that should be bought.


5.    Air freshener

 It is very difficult to maintain a car mechanically sound and clean inside. However, you wouldn’t want to be in an environment that doesn’t smell good regardless of how clean your car is inside. Investment in nice air refreshment is a good option to make sure you get good air when you take a spin in your car. If your car smells good, you won’t feel a chore to drive your car around.

6.    Car trash


To keep your car clean you can use a waterproof car trash organizer that can act as a cleaner and keep the granola bar wrappers from cup holders in their correct place. You can hang this on the back door or center console from the seat and never encourage gum wrapper or other things in the corners of your car. This is particularly suitable for extended route trips where waste disposal stops are often less and to avoid keeping easy food containers are not kept at your feet.


7.    Headlight Upgrade

In case your car doesn’t have LED or HID Projectors, it would be extremely likely that your car will have a base Halogen bulb that is poorly visible at the night. You should focus to upgrade to the headlight and use halogen bulbs that feature enhanced filament design, such as Philips Extreme Vision Plus or the Limitless Osram Night Breaker.

8.    Bluetooth key finder

Many times people tend to lose their car keys and find them difficult to find, especially when they are in hurry. The Bluetooth tracking hey finder fastens up to your phone and syncs it to anywhere. The current tag is light and modern sufficient to look fantastic on your set.


9.    Parking sensors/camera


With the number of parking spaces becoming crowded, the struggle to park cars safely in car parks is becoming much greater for all of us. Parking sensors and cameras could save us from several calls, not to forget bumped cars and bills of repair. Some cars have parking sensors as well as parking cameras right outside the car are very important. But certain car users do not enjoy these features. You can use a variety of parking sensors and cameras to pick and fit into your vehicle so that you can feel comfortable when you need to park or pull your car out of a tight position the next time around.

  1. Gear Lock

It is especially useful to secure your car in the first place. You can use Auto Cop/Multi Cop Gear Lock that is available for use with U Type and Pin Type Gear Lock.

  1.  Dashboard grip holder

A Dashboard Grip Pad is used to hold your phone, keys, & more things. You can set this holder into your dashboards, where you can store sunglasses, keys, and wires in double bays. This silicone grip pad needs zero installation. Thanks to a smart tab that supports it at an angle; you can also use it to mount your phone. This is a very useful accessory for your car to make your life simpler.

Know about top-selling cars in India

Let us have a look at Top selling Car accessories in India:

1.    Maruti Swift: Maruti Suzuki has introduced the Swift with black-out elements on the outside and inside to make it look more sporty.

2.    Maruti Alto: It comes in three entry-level designs: Alto, Celerio, and WagonR, Maruti Suzuki offers festive edition accessories packs.

3.    Hyundai Grand i10 Nios: In the Global NCAP Crash Test, the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios has earned 2 stars. For both adult occupant protection (AOP) and child protection, the hatchback received a 2-star rating (COP).

4.    Maruti Wagon R:  This is a very amazing and affordable car offered by Maruti Company.

Kia Seltos: The diesel versions of Seltos have been recalled by Kia India and have been improved to a much greater extent. You can also get a clear look aboutcar accessories list with pictures to have more details.

Importance of car interior accessories

Car accessories are of great importance and three among the top reasons are mentioned below.

First is that car accessories offer a smart look to your vehicle, that is, make it look better than without it.

Secondly, certain car accessories help to avoid wear and tear on your vehicle. For example, you are shielding your seats against body and sun wear when you get car seat coverings.

Thirdly, the vehicle can retain and boost performance by using car accessories.

So you should be very careful while purchasing your car accessories and enhance the look of your car.You can have a look atcar decoration accessories list with price to select the best accessories of your car.


  1. What accessories do I need for a new car?

Many car accessories are essential for your car and also to make you’re traveling more convenient. Some of the most important accessories of the car include Jump Starter, Dashboard Camera, Blind Spot Mirrors, Hydraulic Jack, Car Tool Set, Digital Tire Gauge, Smartphone Car Mount, and many more.

  • What are auto accessories?

The auto accessories in cars are used inside the vehicle to make people more comfortable in-car and help to take care of to car. There are plenty of auto accessories that you can have for your vehicle. These automatic accessories include dash covers, seat covers, mirrors, shifter bottles, air fresheners, steering wheel coverings, meters in fuel consumption, audio system, DVD players, floor mats, and many others.

  • Should I buy car accessories from the showroom?

In the showroom, the price of accessories is 50-75% higher. But it is better to buy the important car accessories from the showroom as you will get improved quality as when purchased from outside. If you purchase car accessories from outside there is no guarantee if the purchased component doesn’t work properly after purchase.

  • What is the best place to buy car accessories?

Over the past couple of years, online shopping has grown enormously. Nearly everything is online today, from pen to book, clothes, and even automotive accessories. But you should be very careful while purchasing car accessories online. You can also purchase car accessories offline. Purchasing car accessories online or offline depends on the type of car accessories that you want. Below are some of the famous websites for e-commerce:


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