Best Music System for Cars in India

Driving by yourself is a pleasure on a different level while others just like to go through their daily routine that is from their workplace to home and vice versa. Either way, everyone likes to enjoy some music while moving through the heavy traffic in cities and cruising through the highway. For this, your car needs to be equipped with the best car audio system in India 2020 to make your journey much more exciting.
What are the types of Car Music System that is available in the market?
Mainly, there are two types of car music system with Bluetooth and navigation available in the market. These are:
Single Din Space – 7 x 2 inches
Double Din Space – 7 x 4 inches
If we explain the above types briefly them if your car’s stereo space is 4 inches tall then you will require the double din variant otherwise if your car’s stereo space is 2 inches tall then you require the single din variant. However, while purchasing a car stereo system, the double din is not always the best than a single din, the former one only comes with more space for various other components.

There are various single din car stereo systems available in the market. You can easily fit a single din in a double din by utilizing a sided bracket. Also, if you want to fit a double din in a single din you need to remove the utility tray underneath the single din space.

In this modern era of technology, any of your devices can be connected, even to your car. Based on your requirements, you can either opt-in to purchase a car stereo system that can interact with your smartphone to offer you smart results on a touch screen or you can also opt-in for conventional car stereo systems to play your music on.
Based on your preferences, you can select any of the product that has been mentioned below and purchase the same without any hassle.

Best Car Stereo System in India

Sony XAV-AX100 AV Receiver

This is a high-tech and modern addition which you can make to your car from Sony that even comes with a large touch screen. This model is one of the best car stereo brands in India with a huge range of compatible services for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can also connect your smartphone to this stereo system and give your car a smart feature such as voice control or Siri without the need to use your eyes.
This product supports a 55 W dynamic reality amp and can fit most of the cars out there in today’s market. The large screen provides massive accessibility with large icons that are easy to use even while driving. It even supports Bluetooth connectivity for playing music directly from your smartphone.

Large touchscreen
Eyes-free experience
Supports 55 W dynamic reality amps
Bluetooth connectivity
Only car AV receiver is available
Navigation is disabled
Apple CarPlay does not support map

Alpine CDE-W265EBT

If you want a more conventional experience with your car stereo speaker then this product would be the best for you. It comes with a variety of features to keep you entertained during your drive. It comes with a solid metal build and a large LCD which can be used for displaying any important stuff.

It can also be connected to your Android or iOS device and thus play music directly from your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. It even supports four 50 W amplifiers and can play music from CDs, DVDs, or even USB drives with the ports located in the front. The product also comes with a wireless remote controller for ease of access.

Conventional look
Large LCD

Bluetooth connectivity
Supports four 50 W amplifiers
Wireless remote controller
None have been reported so far

Blaupunkt San Marino 330

If you admire the modern car music system with Bluetooth and navigation along with a touchscreen then this product would also be suitable for you. It comes with a large 6.2 inches touchscreen which can be used for interacting with stereo and also controlling the media content. It even allows the user to view the rear camera output and supports steering mounted controls.
The company has included this car stereo system with enhanced audio quality which will provide you with the best experience ever. You will also get a wide range of connectivity options namely Google Play Music, USB drive, AUX, Bluetooth, and even a micro SD card.

It features a double din system to utilize the most out of the touchscreen.
Large 6.2 inches touchscreen
Rear camera output
Supports steering mounted control
Enhanced audio quality
Various connectivity options
Does not support video
Side frames are not included in the package

Sony WX-800UI

This is a powerful car stereo system that provides an output of 216 W which is perfect for people who are obsessed with great quality music. Its double din display supports a large LCD for displaying any information with large control switches and knobs that makes it pretty easy to use along with the blue light that looks quite ambient and futuristic.

You can play your music with the help of a USB drive or even a CD or DVD. An AUX port has also been included in this product for playing the songs stored on your phone. This car stereo speaker comes with a two years warranty from the manufacturer.
Powerful audio output
Large control switches and knobs
Can play songs using AUX, CD, DVD, or a USB drive

Two years warranty on the product
No Bluetooth connectivity
No touch screen

. Sony MEX-N4200BT

This is an entry-level car stereo speaker from Sony that has a bit high price range but gets the job done quite well. This has a single din design and brings a lot of features to the table without any hassle. It offers an audio output of 55 W at its maximum capacity and provides its users with a wide range of connectivity options.
This Sony music system for cars can be connected to Bluetooth, AUX, USB, and even NFC for connecting your smartphone without any hassle. You can also take your calls from the car stereo system itself without the need to reach out to your phone. The company provides a two years manufacturer on this product.
55 W audio output
Wide range of connectivity options
Hand-free experience while receiving calls
Two years manufacturer warranty

Which is the best car audio system in India 2020?
Out of all the products that we have mentioned here in this article, the Alpine CDE W265EBT would be the best since it offers various features within a good price range.
Are the sony music systems for cars any better than other brands?
Sony is a reputed brand that is trusted by various customers all around India. Even though a bit expensive, it provides a massive audio experience in addition to having a warranty for all of their products.

Which are the best car stereo brand in India?
Some of the top brands manufacturing car stereo systems in India are:
Blaupunkt San Marino 330.
Sony WX-800UI.
Sony MEX-N4200BT.
Pioneer MVH-089UB.
Sony DSX-A100U.
Blaupunkt Manchester 110.
JVC Digital Media Receiver.

Here in this article, you wouldn’t find anything better in our lists but again a question might come to your mind that why should you trust us? Well, we perform a vast range of research and our process is initiated by considering the best selling models on Amazon. We have narrowed down the best car stereo systems for you to consider any of the products from the above list and thus provide you with the best reading experience ever!

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