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How To Clean Car Windshield

When it comes to cleaning the windows on the car, it is all about proper windscreen cleaning. There are two old standbys when it comes to proper eyewear cleaning: newspapers, which are great for wiping the windscreen, and microfiber towels, which are the best overall solution because of their ability to pick up all the… Continue reading How To Clean Car Windshield

How To Clean Car Ac Filter

How to clean your car, how to recharge it at home and return it to its original state, and why the air conditioning system does not blow cold air. While you are there, learn more about activated carbon and how the cabin air filter works. Note that you should use a better cabin air filter… Continue reading How To Clean Car Ac Filter

How To Calculate Car Mileage

In recent days, there has been a lot of interest in smartphone applications that can help you check your fuel consumption records and perform all the calculations necessary to calculate the average mileage of your car. The mileage calculator for the journey can record the length of a journey, provide travellers with estimated fuel costs,… Continue reading How To Calculate Car Mileage

How Ac Works In Car

In this article we will delve into the role played by the air-conditioning compressor in vehicle air conditioning. Air conditioning systems are used to control the air flow and cool the air inside a vehicle. The same basic principles work in your home, your car and even in your window opener, but what is it… Continue reading How Ac Works In Car